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Your General Admission Ticket to Luxury Playing Cards

Sure, you’ve probably heard about common collectibles like stamps or coins. But we’re deeply impressed by the unique and rich experience that comes with collecting ticket stubs. That’s right, good old-fashioned ticket stubs that tend to get thrown in the trash or found in the dryer after washing – those guys. It turns out they’re actually really fun to collect if you’re looking for a little hobby to pick up on the side. Here’s why fans say it’s so great.

It’s a Great Way to Memorialize the Past

Much like the aforementioned stamps and coins, ticket stubs are an excellent way to treasure and celebrate cool things that happened in the past. Ticket stubs are a one-time-only marker from history that also represent the styles, entertainment, art and fascinations of the era (an awesome example is the card deck we talk about below). And that makes them, well, special.

It Ties Collection to Experience

Even old-timey collectives have a habit of being…inert. They’re just sort of there, and while you may have a vague idea about how they were used in the past, there’s nothing really concrete to lean on. But ticket stubs are connected to an actual, live event that really happened at a specific place and time, a very real reference marker that adds extra depth to the collection.

That also makes stubs very enjoyable to research. You aren’t just looking up specs like the date a coin was minted – you’re reading about a real concert, or play, or movie, or game that happened and had real results, even mentions in local newspapers.

You Can Easily Pick A Favorite Area to Focus On

Ticket stub collectors also love the ability to personalize their collections based on their own interests. Do you want to collect stubs from your favorite 1940s movie? Awesome. Are you only interested in getting a ticket stub from every Super Bowl game? You’re not alone! Maybe you’re trying to track down stubs for every location that showed The Mousetrap, or you’re only interested in getting stubs from Led Zeppelin concerts – that’s awesome! There’s a place for you. It’s a very easy hobby to narrow down to what you like the most, which is why there are fans from all walks of life.

Stubs Won’t Be Around Forever

While it’s kind of hard to notice in 2020, physical ticket stubs are quickly going extinct. As venues of all kinds convert to digital tickets, stubs are less common and there’s a good chance they won’t exist at all in the future. That lends a little extra value and interest to the hobby, a nostalgic little twist that can really mean a lot.

Want something seriously cool to add to your ticket stub collection? Kings Wild Project’s General Admission deck is specifically designed to celebrate some of the most sought-after ticket stubs of all time – the famed 1920s stubs from some of the first major venues but designed to celebrate (and survive) 2020 instead. Check out this one-of-a-kind deck, along with all of the rest of our hand-illustrated luxury playing cards.


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