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What Stays in the Corner And Travels All Over the World?

Did you know that stamp collecting is more popular now than it has been in years? We commemorate this lifelong hobby with our Postage Paid luxury playing cards, which make the perfect gift or an excellent addition to your collection. Check out just why “philately,” or the study (and collection) of stamps, has become so common.

Stamp Collecting is Experiencing a Huge Surge in Popularity

Several factors contribute to this sudden spike in stamp collecting that we’re seeing around the world:

  • Millennials are collecting stamps out of a sense of nostalgia and treasuring something that’s passing away. Personal letters in particular are becoming less common in the digital age, which means that stamps, more and more, represent a past era and the intimacy of hand-crafted letters. It can be very soothing to build up such a link to the past, especially in turbulent times.
  • Speaking of turbulent times, stamp collecting has also increased in 2020 thanks to a lot more being stuck at home, and a lot less traveling. A large number of people started looking for new hobbies, other communities to get invested in, and alternatives to their previous traveling plans…and came across stamp collecting as a viable option.
  • Stamps are great for sharing on social media. They are excellent subjects for close-up photo art and tone filters that make them look great on Instagram and give collectors lots of opportunities for showing off their work.
  • Stamps have become a lot easier to sell and trade with the advent of eBay and many other online sites that make this easy to manage without needing much of a time investment.

Stamps Can Honor Many Different Pastimes

Those are some great reasons why more people are looking into stamp collecting. They’re continuing to collect stamps because it’s a hobby that can also feed into a wide variety of other interests.

For a really basic example, someone who is into birdwatching has a much more vested interested in collecting special National Audubon Society lines of stamps – which tends to be a popular category! Stamps also celebrate sports, history, world leaders, causes, and many other topics that make it easy to personalize your collection. Today’s stamp collecting crowd can be as casual as they want for their social media audience, or really dive down into the details and search for hard-to-find stamps to complete a stamp collection goal.

The Postage Paid Decks are the Perfect Companion for a Stamp Fan

This brings us to the Kings Wild Project Postage Paid card deck, featuring a traditional style “postage paid” design with all 50 states represented. The Standard Edition deck focuses on the unique bygone tradition of sending playing cards with stamps as fun little post cards, a tradition that goes back more than a century.

The Postage Paid Uncut Sheet, celebrates the creation, shipping, and purchase of postage stamps in all their glory, as well as the old practice of stamping cards. Both make perfect additions to stamp collections and ideal gifts for collectors!


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