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What Do Cigar Aficionados and Card Sharks Have in Common? Hint: Maduro

What do a quality cigar and a deck of playing cards have in common? More than you might think. Both items bring unparalleled joy to their respective collectors. A cigar aficionado and playing card fanatic view their collections as much more than just a hobby – they’re a lifestyle. 

Similar to cigar-lovers, people who love hand-illustrated, luxury playing cards appreciate the craftsmanship, quality, and story that add to the experience. Our cigar-themed deck, Maduro Playing Cards, are the next best thing to smoking a cigar, though after a while you may start to question which one you enjoy better. This deck of luxury playing cards will not only compliment your cigar collection, but it will also spark the same elevated excitement you have for a classic Corona or rare Cuban cigar. 

Our Maduro cards have been exclusively created with cigar-lovers in mind. Just as a Maduro cigar is meant to be enjoyed slowly, savoring each puff of smoke, our unique playing cards are not only crafted to last a lifetime, but also designed to remain timeless. Just as they say 200 pairs of hands touch your cigar before reaching your humidor – the focus we put into creating the Maduro deck was just as intensive and deliberate. Hand-designed and cigar aficionado approved, these cards highlight the natural appearance and bold color of the tobacco leaf. The deep, dark brown finish with hints of gold throughout our cards are an ode to the raw, rich flavor of a pure tobacco cigar. The only thing better than smelling and tasting the labor of a perfectly aged cigar is feeling it. Inspired by the unique wrapper of a hand-rolled cigar, we make our cards with textured paper stock to recreate this highly valued experience. Playing a game with our cards will feel just as good as holding a real cigar. 

Whether you prefer a mild or full-bodied cigar, one thing we can all agree on is that a cigar, like a game of cards, is better enjoyed in the company of others. An avid card collector, like a cigar aficionado, appreciates their community of like-minded individuals, individuals with respect for tradition and unity. Similar to the devoted patrons of a cigar bar, anyone who collects playing cards will be surrounded by a society of passionate like-minded people. There is a world of welcoming and competitive collectors out there and, whether it be for cigars or playing cards, we designed these cards to enhance your experience. 

We recommend our Maduro Playing Cards to anyone with a passion for art, an eye for quality, and a love of connection. While it may seem like cigars and playing cards have nothing in common, once you open this deck you will see the two are one in the same; detailed, consistent and, above all, enticing. To cigar aficionados and card collectors, we warn you; putting down our deck of Maduro playing cards will be just as difficult as watching your Cuban cigar turn to ash. 


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