Unboxing: Standard Edition Blue Ribbon

Posted by Parker Berryhill on

In this Unboxing Episode, we take a peak inside the March Table Players Subscription Deck - Blue Ribbon.

This deck will come in three varieties: Standard, Gilded and the exclusive Golden Ticket Edition.

Here we see the Standard Edition Blue Ribbon deck.


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  • Hey Howard, the Golden Ticket deck does not come with any subscription and is not purchasable. It can only be accessed by finding a golden ticket inside of your Standard Edition Table Players Deck. Because you are a “One of Everything” subscriber, you will receive a Standard Edition Table Players deck. If you open that deck and find a golden ticket, you can redeem it for the golden ticket edition deck. However, if you don’t find a golden ticket inside, you just have to hope you have better luck next time. So my advice to you is to open your Standard Edition Table Players decks and take a look inside. You might get lucky!

    Parker on

  • hello. I currently subscribe for “One of Everything” X’s 2 . Goes that include the “Golden Ticket” edition and if not, how do I go about adding it ? thank you, Howard Tessler

    howard tessler on

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