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Legal Tender is Kings Wild Project's next offering in a long line of luxury playing cards inspired by the artist Jackson Robinson's love of currency art and banknote engraving. With over seven years of playing card design and having produced over 200 custom illustrated decks of playing cards, Legal Tender is the culmination of some of Kings Wild's most breathtaking artwork combined with the industry-leading advancements in printing technology and production.
Legal Tender strikes the perfect balance between classic banknote engraving and the modern sleekness of high tech banknote manufacturing. The court cards of Legal Tender feature many of the iconic American figures that are featured on current American currency, like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, and also feature other influential figures throughout our great nation's history, like Harriet Tubman, Ulysses S. Grant, and Martha Washington. Every aspect of this deck was thoughtfully planned and no detail was overlooked. From the subtle background images of the Statue of Liberties' torch to the Declaration of Independence, every aspect of this deck will amplify the truly beautiful artwork that has has been present on our US currency for many years but is presented in an incredibly new and creative way.





Any updates on the release timeframe for more Legal Tender Holographic decks?

Charles Schmermund

When will Legal Tender be restocked?


Will you be reprinting the holographic Legal Tender deck? I missed out the last time and worry there may not be any more being printed.
Please let me know.
Thank you.


Will you be restocking these again in the future???


Literally waited with phone in hand, refreshing the page and refreshing the page and was able to order. Very excited. These cards are just visually stunning. Thank you in advance.

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