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Awesome news, Parker! Looking forward to it.

Bear in mind that invalid card number draws could happen in the second and third position. If your highest most subscriber number is, for example, 463… and you draw a 4 in first position, that would open the possibility for invalid 2nd and 3rd card numbers. Naturally, if this happens, you simply pull another until a valid number is selected. If your first card number is a 3, 2, 1 or 0… well, you’ll be good to go and not have to sweat the 2nd and 3rd card. Any card drawn would be valid.

Please permit me to suggest: Perform run-throughs of the drawing process! Deliberately draw invalid numbers so the three of you who are selecting cards are comfortable with what to do next. In other words, rehearse the card selection again and again. It will make the actual drawing event much smoother and easier for everyone.


Hey Tim, that is a genius idea! We are going to do it how you explained.


PS: Remove the TENS from the deck as well. Sorry for not mentioning that in previous comment.


A Kings WILD! Suggestion for a Tigers #753 giveaway (For subscribers only, fun, builds suspense, will create a one-of-a kind deck and three [no cost] souvenir bonus items):
1) Have KWP TX staff sign the box. Date it, as well. We now have a desirable and UNIQUE collector deck. The staff signatures are critical to its uniqueness (versus a JR-only signed deck).
2) Announce a giveaway day via a new video that features everyone in TX signing the #753 box. Voiceover explains the the random giveaway and how it will be done.
3) The giveaway day/method: Use a Tiger deck and remove J’s and K’s. Leave the Q’s. You now have a deck of numeric cards with Aces acting as “1” and Qs acting as “0”.
4) Shuffle the deck and smear into a mass on tabletop. One at a time, three different KWP staff pluck a card that will result in a three digit subscriber number. However…
5) If first card pulled is an invalid number (such as a 9), the person returns it to the pile, swooshes them about and draws another card, doing so until a valid first digit card (Q-A-2-3-4…) is drawn. Once established, the other two people will — one at a time — chose and reveal a card. Result: A valid three digit subscriber number and winner. Plus! Winner also receives the three cards that were drawn as souvenirs, which are individually signed/dated by the folks who drew them.
6) This method would require viewers to know the exact valid number range beforehand (i.e. “Our winning number range is 001-463”, etc..). This will further clarify why a chosen first card is returned to the pile and re-drawn.
7) If above isn’t precisely what you had in mind, perhaps there’s an aspect of it you could use to develop something else. I believe the TX staff-signed box would be an exciting added value feature regardless of how it is given away.

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