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Production Updates

*Updates as of November 2, 2022*

We have a ton of production updates we wanted to let you know about, and it's all good news! We know that a lot of you have been waiting patiently for your Gilded Subscriptions from earlier this year. Most of you are accustomed to the normal delay of the gilded decks. This occurs simply because once we receive the decks we have to ship them off to the gilder, then wait for them to be gilded and shipped back to us. This is an issue we've dealt with from the beginning for the majority of our gilded decks. However this summer we ran into additional delays with our gilder which compounded the issue, causing even more delays for some of our most anticipated decks. We apologize for the delays and appreciate your understanding and patience. 

That being said, we have two pieces of good news. First, we have resolved the issues with gilding, putting us back on track for the future. Even better, for some of our decks (depending on where they are printed), we receive the gilded decks at the same time as the standard decks. December's deck "Noel" is a good example of this. We have all the decks in-house, and we'll be ready to ship them on time at the 1st of December.

The second piece of good news is that we FINALLY have all the decks in hand that we need to catch up from all the delayed decks from this year. Below you'll find a detailed list of all the outstanding decks, and where they are in the production pipeline! Thanks once again for your continued support, your understanding, and your patience. We cannot wait for you to get these decks in your mailbox.


Gilded Three Musketeers - We have everything we need for this deck. The crew is putting on the numbered seals and we'll begin shipping these this week.

Gilded Crow Brand, Gilded Count of Monte Cristo, Gilded Stiff Upper Lip - We have everything we need for this deck. Once the crew puts on the numbered seals, we'll begin shipping these out!

Volume 22 (October Table Players)

We are currently shipping all of the Limited Editions. We are waiting on the Gilded Editions to be returned from the gilder.

Sterling (October No. 13 Club)

The majority of the Sterling Stander, Limited and Gilded decks have been shipped. If you are still waiting on shipment, it is most likely due to the fact that you added a subscription to your order. Once we assign your new subscription number those will be shipped out to you. 

Marines (November Vintage Reimagined)

We have the decks and tucks in-house to begin production and shipping of the LTD decks soon, once we get caught up with the other delayed decks. The Gilded decks will be delayed due to the gilding process, but we do not expect a significant delay. 

Noel (December No. 13 Club)

We have everything in-house to get these shipped to you on the first of December! 

Volumes 23 & 24 Table Players

We have the cards in hand but we are waiting on the tucks and the gilded cards! 


Phew, that was a lot! As always if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at


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