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Excited to announce that on March 28th, the 2020 reprint of the 2018 instant classic - Kings Wild Project Maduro Playing Cards - will be available to the public. 

Maduro Playing Cards are a collection of hand illustrated playing cards that are designed in the colorful style of cigar band. Each court card is hand illustrated using original designs that set the Maduro Playing Cards apart from your ordinary deck. If you would like a deck of playing cards that is something truly special, then the Maduro Playing Cards have the perfect blend of tradition and style to make your next card game a genuinely unique experience.

Cigar not included.



Will the cigar box edition be release soon as well? And is it also a release for the public? I have the silver one, but the Gold edition has grew on me over time… Really hope to get one for the collection!


Hey Paul! Sorry you missed to OG run, but I think we would all agree here at KWP that these are even better.
Good eye on the tuck cases – the tuck case is printed on a new more texturized paper to give it a more accurate cigar feeling (probably attributes to the color change).
We will be releasing the cigar box edition in the near future! However, these Standard Edition Maduro’s come with the Special Edition cards with the tobacco leaf back texture.

Thanks for the comment!

Paul S

Love it. I missed them the first time they came around, looking forward to these. Have you changed them at all, the tuck looks a little different from what I saw on a YouTube review. Did you go with a different color or texture? Either way, it looks outstanding. Will you be releasing the special edition again too????

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