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Best Card Games to Teach Your Child

Best Card Games to Teach Your Child

Many children love to play outside and when they come inside, it might seem like they are glued to mobile games, video games, and TikTok. The reality is that card games still have a place in society and in order to get kids interested in card games, parents have to show their kids just how much fun these games can be.

Card games are a great way for families to bond with each other – there’s nothing like gathering around the table, enjoying each other’s company, and bonding over a great card game. Which card games are the best ones to teach your child? 

Go Fish

Go Fish is a classic way to play cards that provides an opportunity for kids to learn the importance of memorizing the cards of everyone else playing. Once kids learn their numbers, they can play. This game requires at least two players but if you are playing with multiple decks of cards, there is virtually no maximum on the number of players. In order to play:

  • Deal the cards so that everyone has seven cards.
  • Set the remaining cards face down.
  • The player left of the dealer asks another player if they have a matching card in their own hand.
  • If the requested player has a matching card, he or she must hand the player that card.
  • The requesting player continues asking players until he or she misses, at which point he or she goes fishing and draws a card from the pile in the middle.
  • The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins!
Go Fish can be played for multiple rounds and the total matches can be tallied.



In order to get kids to vent their energy, Slapjack is the way to go. Watch our tutorial to learn the game! This game can be played starting around age five and is great for groups of two to five players. To play this game:

  • Deal all cards to every player evenly, face down.
  • Starting to the dealer’s left, each player deals a card face up in the center.
  • Players continue doing this until someone flips a jack.
  • At that time, everyone has to try to slap the jack.
  • The first person to slap the jack takes the entire pile and adds it to his or her stack.

After this, the game continues.
The game ends when one player has all of the cards.

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These are just two of the best card games that you can teach your child. If you’re looking for some fun decks of cards to purchase for your kids, try our Back to School deck or General Admission playing cards.



these cards are beautiful works of art!

Rocco Tinghitella

another really good one is scopa. it’s an Italian game (which means the deck has no face cards) that requires you to use a little arithmetic. it encourages card counting and the development of strategy. the way I play it with family has been slowly developed over time (we removed the Primera rules because of needless complication, and allowed the moves to be less constricted). its a little tricky to get the hang of scoring, but otherwise anyone can pick it up. i like it because its unique, not like something “old people” play.

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