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Back to the Future with the VHS 1982 Deck

King’s Wild Project has been fortunate enough to get some excellent praise in the past for our super rad VHS 1982 cards. But if you’re still on the fence, we’ve rounded up all the ways our Holographic VHS 1982 cards are the perfect fit for your card collection. Wanna wow your friends and get some nostalgia kicks at the same time? 

The 80s are Back In Style

It’s true! You’ve seen Stranger Things (probably). The Wonder Woman sequel is an 80s homage. They’re even making a Dune movie again. We’re not big experts in fashion, but apparently 80s blazers, crop tops and high-waisted “mom jeans” are also swinging back into style. It’s everywhere, for better or for worse, so tap into that 80s flashback phase and pick up a deck that celebrates the era way better than big hair and neon sunglasses could. 

The Trials of VHS Tape Should Never Be Forgotten

For those who lived through the years of VHS tapes, it brings back memories of both love and intense frustration. From mastering the archaic principles of rewinding and recording to making sure the TV was in the right mode, to finally playing a beloved movie at home, those days were something else. And for newcomers, VHS holds a special kind of clunky mystery, one of the first forays into the personal entertainment world we know today, and one worthy of being remembered. 

The VHS 1982 cards are perfectly designed to bring back – or introduce – all the feels of the 80s without the crappy parts. If you haven’t checked out our video yet, the backs even feature a flipbook-like Easter egg that rewinds the VHS tape right in front of your eyes!

80s-Themed Game Nights are the Best

We know the world has gotten a little…untubular lately. But if you’re looking to revive the feeling of a great gaming evening, consider card games with the VHS 1982 deck and vintage 80s memorabilia, music, foods, and more. Your friends may also enjoy bringing over some old 80s vinyl records or Donkey Kong video games and reminisce about simpler times. 

80s Cards Pair Perfectly with 80s Movies

It doesn’t matter if you’re an “80s action movie” guy or an “80s high school movie” guy or even an “80s musical movie” guy: The 80s were a great time for over-the-top 80s pop culture that exemplified the best – and yes, often the worst – of the decade. You want a great mix? Put on one of those beloved classics like The Outsiders, Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Caddyshack while you’re enjoying a game with our VHS deck, and we guarantee time will fly by. 

You Don’t Even Have to Play a Game to Enjoy Them

We’re particularly proud of the detail we put into this deck. The beautiful gilding and holographic foil – plus that sweet flipbook effect we mentioned – make this deck one of the easiest to show off. In fact, the effects are so mesmerizing that you may not even get past moving them around in the light. And that’s okay – there’s always time for another game later! 

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Yo these look rlly cool

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