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Designed to resemble an ancient book, its features include a book spine, blood-stained leather binding, and frayed paper edges, and wear-and-tear that look like you have the book itself, sitting on the shelf.

The court cards include characters such as Beowulf, Wiglaf, Grendal, Hrothgar, and others. Each card is designed with an intricate wooden design with gold foiling to emphasize the classical and ancient nature of the story. 


king of spades

King Louis XIII

King Louis XIII is the weak Monarch over France. He is easily manipulated by his advisors, especially Cardinal Richelieu and Milady de Winter who wish to discredit Queen Anne in the eyes of the King in order to gain more power. 

queen of spades

Anne of Austria

Anne of Austria is the Queen of France who leads an unhappy life in her court. She is not trusted by the king and despised by his advisors, especially Cardinal Richelieu who plots to discredit her at King Louis XIII’s ball. She is secretly involved in an affair with the Duke of Buckinham who is madly in love with her.

jack of spades


Athos is one of the three musketeers and is like a father figure to the main character, D’Artagnan. He is plagued with deep sadness because of his previous marriage with a convicted thief who is believed to be dead. This marriage was with none other than Milady de Winter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Nicholas Giraudi

I got these for my friend who loves magic tricks and the Beowulf legends. The cards are expertly designed with a lot of references, and they feel great in the hands. 10/10 he absolutely loves them.

Beautiful but...

Sticky. Gorgeous and unique art, but I unfortunately did not enjoy handling this deck. It has an odd shiny finish that prevents the cards from shuffling well. They want to stick instead of sliding against each other, and the deck offgasses significantly. Unfortunately it was a disappointment and I gave it away. That said, if you collect primarily for visual appeal the Beowulf deck is certainly stunning.

Antonio Valdez
My new favorite deck..

This deck grew on me very quickly. At first glance I felt that this deck was dark and that might make it hard to see, but seeing these playing cards on my game table (red background) looked amazing! Fresh out of the box it is difficult to fan out the deck. The new cards feel glossy and that creates a little bit of friction when fanning out on the table or game mat, but see noticeable change after a few game nights! Really love the detail of the box and how it opens and the look of these cards front to back. Job well done!!!


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