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Designed to resemble an ancient book, its features include a book spine, blood-stained leather binding, and frayed paper edges, and wear-and-tear that look like you have the book itself, sitting on the shelf.

The court cards include characters such as Beowulf, Wiglaf, Grendal, Hrothgar, and others. Each card is designed with an intricate wooden design with gold foiling to emphasize the classical and ancient nature of the story. 


king of spades

King Louis XIII

King Louis XIII is the weak Monarch over France. He is easily manipulated by his advisors, especially Cardinal Richelieu and Milady de Winter who wish to discredit Queen Anne in the eyes of the King in order to gain more power. 

queen of spades

Anne of Austria

Anne of Austria is the Queen of France who leads an unhappy life in her court. She is not trusted by the king and despised by his advisors, especially Cardinal Richelieu who plots to discredit her at King Louis XIII’s ball. She is secretly involved in an affair with the Duke of Buckinham who is madly in love with her.

jack of spades


Athos is one of the three musketeers and is like a father figure to the main character, D’Artagnan. He is plagued with deep sadness because of his previous marriage with a convicted thief who is believed to be dead. This marriage was with none other than Milady de Winter.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing art! The cards are great quality. I have ordered several sets from Kings Wild!!

Thanks so much Chelsea!

Anthony Yang
Well Made

Package arrived safely and yeah it's pretty nice :o Handling is nice, not a cheap plastic feel. Cards have a gold shiny-ness to them in the designs. Over all a fun deck to have for myself.

Thank you! Glad you like the deck!

Terrible choice of printing company really ruins this otherwise fantastic deck

Badly produced, despite the beautiful design and REALLY awesome tuck box. Although the historical theme is awesome, the artwork is beautiful and special and in particular the leather, book-like case is really quite fabulous, the deck is unfortunately simply *ruined* by VERY poor choice of a printer. These are printed in Communist China, which generally has very poor playing card quality (I live in a neighboring country and have seen them consistently produce garbage cards). Given the premium price, it's unacceptable that they’re on very inferior card stock, cut with uncomfortably sharp edges, and do not have a good quality air-cushion finish (there is a hint of one under an overly glossy finish but it doesn't function); as a result they do not slide across each other easily but instead clump fairly badly (overhand shuffling and ribbon spreading are very difficult). The VERY high gloss finish is awful, not at all consistent with the theme or the matte tuck box. When combined with the amount of gold foil used on the cards, it makes them look lacquered and glassy, which is a big negative for me. The advertisement photos are clearly set up to not show the high gloss, and look much better than the product actually received. I had very high hopes for these and am really disappointed in what I got, because the designer went with a very bad choice of printing company (and country). On good USPCC stock without the gloss, and with good air-cushion finish, these would be incredible. Alas! I sincerely hope that the designer will get these reprinted at USPCC and do so with any other finished and future products.


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