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LEFT: 76-78-80 Centre Street, c1876. 

MIDDLE: Andrew Dougherty’s Exhibit, Frank Laslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, Oct. 14, 1876.

ABOVE: Andrew Dougherty Centennial Exhibition Advert, Publishers Weekly, March 1877.

Empire Playing Card Advertisement, c1910.

Customer Reviews

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Alexander Thomas
Good, but not USPCC good.

I collect playing cards. This deck is a great addition to my collection. Right out of the box, they are quite easy to shuffle. The colors are very pleasing to the eye, and the theme is very interesting. That being said, these cards do not hold up to the legendary air-cushion finish that is customary with US Playing Card Company. I feel that this deck could perform much better if it was manufactured by USPCC.

Thank you so much for your feedback and review!

DB Hall
Once Again Pure Beauty

Tis is part of the beautiful Lost Cites series decks. If you are a collector, this is a "must-have” deck. It has an old-world timeless look to the deck, with a silver on blue design on the back. You’ll enjoy having this in your collection


They are very nice, but you have pretty much NO information about them. Are you doing a remake of an antique deck? Is this something you made up but in the old style? Tell us something. I would have got these a lot sooner if you had bothered to provide some info. either way! I had to wait for full pictures on your website to see if they were even worth the bother. Just provide more info., please!


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