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Kevin Kawa
Easily my new favorite deck I own

I knew these cards were going to be good, but I didn't realize how good they would be. Besides all of the art(which is amazing). I cannot get over how awesome these cards feel. I am so torn between wanting to keep them pristine and not wear them in, and keep playing with them as they are just so nice to use. Really everyone should just buy two decks of these cards. One to use and one to show off and display. Along with the feel I was so amazed with the detail of these cards. The pictures online really do not do them justice. Having the cards in your hand and being able to see all the details in the art is incredible. While I feel like most premium decks of cards these days all kind of seem to feel similar with that "modern" look. The noel cards really stand out as the artwork is so unique and gorgeous.

Marty McGillicutty
My name is not Marty!?

Amazing Deck, beautiful cards. Baby Jesus in all his glory. Hats off to Jackson on this one.

Thank you!

Davidson Haworth
The Beauty of Noel

When I first gazed upon the Noel playing card deck I was pleasantly surprised being a bit of a historical scholar. I ordered a standard and a limited edition. When the decks arrived I opened the standard and was amazed at its beauty. There are so many Christian easter eggs in this deck it is amazing. I can write all day about it. but I digress. Noel is hands down my deck of the year for 2022. An elegant beautiful deck that will span the ages. A must-have.


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