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delayed shipping

We heard you, and we are bringing back delayed shipping! We took some time away from you to evaluate the process and to put some hard policies in place to protect us and you and to make the entire service a little smoother. Question? reach out to us at

1) If a customer has NOT paid their quarterly shipping invoice within 30 days of the date posted on the Paypal invoice, The customer's items will be restocked, and money lost. No refund will be available if a quarterly shipping invoice has not been paid within 30 days of the customer receiving it.

2) If you are a subscriber who utilizes the delayed shipping program or discount code and do NOT pay your quarterly invoice within 30 days of receiving it, your subscription deck(s) will be restocked, your money lost, and your subscription immediately canceled. No refund will be available for your subscription order after the 30 days of NOT paying your quarterly invoice.

3) If you use the delayed shipping discount code, DELSHIP, and do NOT fill out the online signup form you are automatically agreeing to these terms, and acknowledging the same terms and policies list on this site.

4) If a customer’s deck(s) have NOT been shipped AND the shipping invoice has not been sent, they may get a full refund of any decks purchased minus a 5% restocking fee.


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