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Legal Tender brilliantly amplifies the truly beautiful artwork that has been present on our U.S. currency for many years in a new and captivating form.  Breathtaking artwork combined with industry-leading advancements in printing technology and production, creates the perfect balance between classic banknote engraving and the modern sleekness of high tech banknote manufacturing in the Legal Tender Holographic Edition.


Eplurubus Unum


Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Colonial Boston to his parents, Josiah and Abiah Franklin. Years later, he would journey to Philadelphia to become a printer. Here, he would develop a blossoming love and dedication for the city. This move would eventually lead him to his wife, Deborah Read. Ben eventually began his own printing shop in Philadelphia that would become extremely successful. This success allowed him to shift his focus from business to civic affairs.  

Benjamin Franklin became a key component of early life in the colonies. Ben Franklin was able to introduce a library, fire company, hospital, police patrol, militia, hospital, and college to the state of Pennsylvania, with a heavy focus in Philadelphia. In addition to all these initiations that Ben started, he was extremely influential in the development of the colonial postal system. Franklins influence in politics was even more impressive. He was a central part of the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence, and would also lay the groundwork for the Articles of Confederation through his proposal of the Albany Plan. Benjamin Franklin’s vast range of accomplishments and initiations makes him an extremely valuable part of our founding and history. 

$50 Note (1874) Featuring Liberty

$100 Note (1914)

$100 Gold Certificate Note (1928)

annuit cœptis



The concept of freedom and liberty has often taken on the personification of a goddess. From the emblems of the French Republic to ancient Roman coins to the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, varying examples of these symbols can be found everywhere. One can find the female portrayal of liberty in a wide range of instances throughout the literature and song in the time leading up to the American revolutionary war.

This particular representation of liberty used in the Legal Tender deck comes from the vignettes found on the fifty-dollar bill printed between 1874-1880. The vignette sits opposite Ben Franklin on these ornate notes. Here Liberty is shown with a sword and shield, crowned with the words "From Many, One". 

novus ordo seclorum


Chief Running Antelope

Chief Running Antelope or Tȟatȟóka Íŋyaŋke was born in the year 1821 to the Húŋkpapȟa tribe part of the Sioux nation which is located near the Grand River in South Dakota. He eventually became the head chief of his tribe in 1851 because of his great bravery, leadership, and diplomatic skills. As he grew up, the population of whites had drastically increased around him and he and his tribe were forced to adapt. Many of the Sioux nation took up arms against many of the whites which led to the Prairie Indian Wars. However, in 1868 many prominent Sioux leaders including Running Antelope signed “the Treaty of 1968” which brought temporary peace between Native Americans and the U.S.

Chief Running Antelope is the only Native American depicted on any U.S. currency note. When the note was released to the public, however, it was met with much negativity. Running Antelope was depicted wearing a Pawnee headdress that was contrary to his Sioux heritage. Many believe this particular depiction was because the Sioux headdress was too tall to fit in the illustration for the currency note. Ultimately the note was canceled and a Native American has never been seen on a bill since. 

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patrick romand
Beautiful deck

Beautiful design of the cards and tuck. I love the foiling! Amazing quality of the cards. A must have!

Gregory Eng Yee
Absolutely Beautiful

Amazing quality and design. Beautiful !!!

Timothy Ramsey
Awesome deck

Awesome and unique deck - very interesting design


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